A Beautiful Waiheke Island Wine and Food Experience

Waiheke Island’s award winning wine and food, personalised unique experiences. Local insightful guides with small groups of wine lovers going deeper into the heart of this amazing island paradise to enjoy the real taste of Waiheke!

Waivino Wine Tours on Waiheke Island

Divine Tasting    

Waivino welcomes you into a fine selection of the best boutique Waiheke wineries and get a real sense of the beauty of this ancient island throughout the day. See more of Waiheke and taste award-winning Waiheke Island wines, olive oil and honey and hear the stories directly from the experts! All your wine tasting fees are included.

$125 NZD per person

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Waivino Wine and Food Tours on Waiheke Island

Decadent Degustation 

See this stunning island in style on route to three of the best boutique wineries to sample award-winning Waiheke Island wines including a food paired tasting & enjoy a delicious gourmet meal up high on Trig Hill at Peacock Sky. All your wine tasting fees and your fabulous gourmet main included! 

$149 NZD per person

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Amazing Wine and Food Tours on Waiheke Island

Pinot and Pizza      

Visit a fine selection of boutique Waiheke wineries to try hand crafted Waiheke wines, then head to the eastern end of the island to enjoy an award winning wine tasting and a gourmet wood-fired pizza or selected main meal created by the amazing new chefs at Passage Rock. Vegetarian and vegan friendly.

$149 NZD per person

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Scenic tours on Waiheke Island personalised and bespoke

Afternoon Delight 

Afternoon wine tours off the 2pm ferry are the way to round off the day and perhaps segue into a superb early dinner.  


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Waiheke Island with Waivino – We Love This Island!

Waivino Tours is a small locally owned passionate company. “Wai” is water and “Vino” needs no introduction. We greet you at the water and take you to the wine. Explore all that this incredible island has to offer! – Personalised unique experiences in awesome natural beauty, great gourmet food options and much more. Our guides live on Waiheke and connect you with the magic through stories as your day unfolds beautifully. We aim to bring you the best small group personalised tours on Waiheke!

All of our guides have studied the subtleties of the art of wine under the world-renowned Master of Wine, Bob Campbell.       

Needless to say, the learning process is ongoing and we are keen to hear your stories too. The winemakers and winery staff also go off on their own tangents to take you even further down the rabbit hole. Waiheke is pure nature with a lot of super talented people maximising the island’s potential in a respectful and harmonious way and you get to sample the results and become part of it. Over the years a lot of friendships and relationships have built up between “Waihekeans” and people from the wine producing regions of Europe. On Waivino’s Waiheke Wine Tours you will meet a lot of French and Spanish speaking people among a whole range of interesting people who now make up the fabric of Waiheke’s eclectic community.

We draw from three decades of high-quality tourism experience both on Waiheke Island and throughout Aotearoa New Zealand and we have established great relationships with a fantastic range of award-winning wineries and olive groves on Waiheke. Our director Grant started his tourism journey in Wanaka NZ in the 90’s as a Japanese speaking guide on exclusive adventure tours. He has travelled the world and now it is time to showcase the island he has called home for the last 8 years. We should warn you that Waiheke is addictive and if you are not careful you will wake up here with a torn plane ticket in your hand as you saw the light and decided to stay..

We look forward to guiding you around this beautiful slice of paradise and sharing our passion for Waiheke Island, Waiheke wines and gourmet food on our creative version of a Waiheke tour with an abundance of taste and beauty. On our experiences, we do our best to get you out to the eastern half of the island, away from the giant tour buses, deep into the authentic heart of this vibrant living island. We get you up high to some panoramic views of paradise. At the end of the tour, we may drop into a Waiheke Brewery for a cleansing ale or get you to the famous Gelato shop in the village. A Waivino Tour is a truly satisfying, connecting experience 🙂


A wonderful time

Truly one of the most amazing days I have ever had. #waivino



Grant really went the extra mile

The Waivino way to go!

Great tour, must-do!

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