My first swim of the season this morning at Palm Beach. Still a bit chilly but very refreshing. I have been living on Waiheke Island for 7 years, an entire life cycle. I have found Waiheke to be the best counsellor, like a good friend.

If you are feeling blue, she sends you for a walk on the beach where she will gently whisper that everything is great and snap you back into a sense of gratitude and peace. She helps you to open your heart a little more and encourages you to be a better human. You just have to soak up enough of her ancient energy and the transmutation of old negative emotions into happiness will start to take place. Some of us are more stubborn than others so it will take longer. I think another 7 years should be about perfect for me.

Thanks for reading.

Grant, Waivino Tours Waiheke Island

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