This summer is a dream. Long sparkling blue days, cicadas partying in the trees, birds riding the warm updrafts and showing off their skills. Waiheke Island can indeed be a truly heavenly escape, allowing the rigours of everyday life to drop away. If you are not in a state of gratitude out here, you may need to change your medication. A couple of glasses of boutique Waiheke wine might help get you there too.

Waivino Tours prides itself on being able to facilitate a quality experience by getting you away from the ostentatious facades to the real dusty, authentic and non-pretentious boutique wineries with some great food options along the way to complement the award-winning wines. The wines are just academic without the back stories coming from those people living the dream out here. Get the inside scoop as we gently get you chronically addicted to Waiheke.

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