Waiheke Winter Wine And Food Tours With Waivino

A Waiheke Winter

As you can see the Waiheke Winter Blues have well and truly set in, blue skies that is! Don’t tell those folks flying to far off lands for the eternal summer, let’s keep this paradise to ourselves. We have seasons for a reason. The lemon trees are laden with delicious fruit, throw in some beautiful Waiheke honey and hot rain water and you have yourself the ultimate happy drink. Nature is very sweet, providing us with all we need.

The tradies are wearing T-shirts and shorts and it is mid July. You can’t do that mid winter in Chicago no matter how long your beard is! It’s just cold enough here to make the mosquitos bugger off for a few months so it’s the ideal time for a Waiheke winter escape. I urge you to come over and make Waiheke your happy place if you haven’t already. The Waiheke reset button is here for you 12 months a year, and here at Waivino Tours we do our darndest to enhance that experience with our local wine and gourmet food tours. Go on, treat your taste buds and your soul. 

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