Waivino Tours is a small, perfectly formed, locally owned company. We live and breathe this phenomenal, magical place. Waiheke is not just any old island. The reality is better than the hype. We are blessed with wonderful visitors from all over our lovely planet. They generally go from not knowing quite what to expect, to wanting to move here. Waiheke punches way above its weight, producing world class wine, olive oil, oysters and some incredible gourmet food.

The amazing natural energy of this 155 million year old island is tapped into by some of the worlds most creative and passionate people and transmuted into heavenly tastes, textures and aromas. We at Waivino Tours go to the next level to ensure that you too get thoroughly addicted to this oasis of joy and harmony. We get you away from the large commercial tours, out to where you can still now get intimately in touch with the authentic nature of this profoundly pretty place and taste superb wine and food and simply be yourself as there is no need for pretence out here as Waiheke keeps it realer than real.

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